New Look

3:41 PM, Friday, May 29, 2009 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

I thought after several years of the same look on my blog, it was time for a redesign. It's a bit of a work in progress, so forgive things for being a little messy at the moment. I'm going to keep working on it, and hopefully everything will be looking pretty soon!

Cool It

12:51 PM, Thursday, May 28, 2009 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

I'm on a quest to get an AC unit installed in my window. I have lived in this tiny apartment for three years now. Each summer this room reaches unbearable temperatures. I turn on the fans, take multiple cold showers every day, and walk around with little to no clothing on. The reason I have put up with this and not installed an AC, is because this is my window:

As you can see, there is no easy way to do this. The window doesn't slide up. I need to hire someone to build a new frame for the window that will fit around the AC unit. I got an estimate a while back from an AC installation company and they said it would be $750! No way. I've hired someone through craigslist that I think will do just fine. The other night I got a Zipcar and Eduardo and I drove to his place to pick up his old AC unit that is a bit too small to cool his room, but will be perfect for mine.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a nice "after" photo of the AC in my window. And it will be a more pleasant summer for me...and Tangent.

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Taking It To The Streets

6:28 PM, Monday, May 18, 2009 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

Some of my blog readers may be interested to know that Ana Yang, star of Gazillion Bubble Show (where I work!) will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning during the 10am hour hosted by Kathie Lee and Hoda. If you've been curious about the show, this would be a good opportunity to see what it's all about!

I stepped out of the theatre on Saturday to get some air and make a phone call, when I noticed crowds of people sauntering down 9th Ave. That could only mean one thing: Street Fair!

Ah, this warm weather New York tradition is one of my favorites. And it was perfect weather for it on Saturday. The fair featured the usual impossible carnival games, raffles, and large inflatable slides, but as with most fairs, it's mostly about the food. Local restaurants extended their seating out to the street with umbrella covered tables and drink specials. Food stands popped up everywhere offering everything from fresh fruit to fried oreos. One of my favorite New York street fair foods are MozzArepas.

These are like grilled cheese sandwiches with a twist; mozzarella cheese between two sweet corn cakes. Mmmmm. Delicious. Now I want one again! Well, it's only a matter of time before the next street fair!

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NY NY Sports Sports

12:37 AM, Wednesday, May 13, 2009 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

I love New York, and I love sports...particularly baseball. And I love this commercial:

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Holding a Mirror Up to Reality

11:37 PM, Thursday, May 7, 2009 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

It has been raining for DAYS here in New York. I mean, I think it's been over a week. Seriously. It's a sad time to have a new bike. I just want to ride it, but I don't want to ride in the rain! Oh well.

I've gotten into the habit lately of watching documentary films instantly on Netflix. There's a big selection, and I've found hearing the real stories interesting. When I was younger, I usually heard "documentary" and thought "boring". But lately, I've enjoyed these stories more than fictional ones. Here are my top 5 that I've watched recently, and highly recommend.

#5: My Kid Could Paint That

I really enjoyed this one because it made me question what I was seeing and come to a conclusion for myself.

#4: Who The #$&% is Jackson Pollock

Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock? - Now on DVD

Unfortunately I can't find the trailer for this one. But it's about a retired truck driver who lives in a trailer park and buys an ugly painting in a thrift store to cheer up her friend. It is then speculated that the painting is actually a Jackson Pollock, and if that's true, it would be worth about $50 million. The film is about her journey to authenticate the paining. I think it's a great story about a spunky woman who won't give up on what she knows is right.

#3: Dear Zachary

This might be the most poignant, beautiful, gut wrenching, heart breaking movie I've ever seen. Watch it with a box of kleenex.

#2: The Education of Shelby Knox

The trailer really just scratches the surface of a much bigger storyline which is that of a young high school girl from a conservative town in the Bible belt trying to figure out what she believes. I personally related with Shelby, although I have to say she was a lot smarter and more well spoken in high school than I ever was. She's planning to run for president someday, and I think she would have my vote.

#1: King of Kong/A Fistful of Quarters

This is not only a great documentary, but a great MOVIE. The characters are so great, no one could have made them up. The drama is over a video game, yet it seems somehow greater than that. It's an underdog story. A hero's tale. If you see one movie on this list, this should be it.

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