Feliz Cumplianos a Mi!

3:58 PM, Tuesday, July 22, 2008 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

I had a very busy birthday weekend. On Friday afternoon I went to see The Dark Knight and thought it was very good but also quite disturbing. But, please, go see it because Heath Ledger is amazing.

Friday night I had a couple hours of rehearsal for Happy Hour, and then it was time to celebrate my birthday! I spent the evening with a few friends at Soldier McGee and at midnight, we rang in my birthday with a few too many shots of Jack Daniels.

Saturday, the actual day of my birthday, was a very long day of tech for Happy Hour. But we were done at about 6pm and then I met up with Marylin. We watched the first episode of the new Project Runway season! I loved the first challenge: make a garment out of items at the grocery store. This was my favorite:

Materials: Table cloth, kale, cherry tomatoes

But this was the winner, which I also liked:

Materials: Vacuum bags, coffee filters, bleach, paint

Anyway, after Project Runway, we went to Gabriela's Mexican Restaurant for my birthday dinner where I got the best enchiladas con queso I've had in my life. And the watermelon margarita wasn't bad either. That evening I opened my gifts from Marylin, which included a book about the making of Prince Caspian, A book of card games, a philosophy gift set, and a Family Guy bookmark. I also got flowers from my friend Nikki, a nice camosol from Mom, the iPhone Missing Manual from Dad, a movie gift card from my friend Erik, another gift card from my grandparents, and a stuffed puppy dog from Eduardo (who works at Soldier McGee and is a little in love me...but who wouldn't be?). I got a lot more gifts this year than I normally do, but I have a lot more close friends in New York! And that's really the gift that means to most to me :-)

Sunday was another long day of rehearsal followed by opening night of Happy Hour! The show went great. Afterwards we all went out to the bar at the New Yorker hotel, right around the corner from the theatre, for the opening night party.

So, needless to say, I'm still recuperating. Not only was it a busy weekend for work, it was a weekend to party hard, and it was the biggest heat wave we've had this summer. So, I think I'm just going to lay in front of my fan for a while, relax, and try to keep cool!

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An Amusing Summer

3:41 PM, Thursday, July 10, 2008 / Posted by Christy / comments (1)

Wow, I have had a very busy couple weeks. Not only are things picking up with Happy Hour and Studio42, but then there's also all those crazy summer activities. Yes, it's been busy, but fun.

This July 4th was one of the best in recent years. Marylin and I decided to go out to Coney Island and spend the day like the real New Yorkers do (well, Marylin IS a real New Yorker...so...). We just missed the Hot Dog Eating Contest (oh, darn), but we did go to Astroland (see above photo), the beach, and the New York Aquarium. And we made it back to Manhattan in time for the Macy's Fireworks! Yes, a very full, very exhausting day.

AND! Yesterday I finally made it to Six Flags. I've been wanting to go all season, but the tour and things have been preventing it. But yesterday I had the whole day off, and I finally found someone who's not afraid of roller coasters to go with me, my friend Tucker. We had a really good time in spite of the fact that it rained toward the end of the day, and Tucker lost his phone on that roller coaster we're standing in front of. But we did get frozen lemonade, and that's really all it takes to keep me happy.

Photos of my latest adventures can be found on my flickr page.

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Room Improvement: A Work In Progress

2:50 PM, Tuesday, July 1, 2008 / Posted by Christy / comments (1)

Lately I've been trying to improve my living space. This is difficult when you have no money, but I'm trying to make it work. The other day I mentioned to my neighbor Marylin that I wanted to rearrange my room, but I didn't know how because I just don't have enough space to work with. But Marylin was determined to make it work, so we spent the entire afternoon moving things around and cleaning. We made the following improvements:

We moved my fridge out of this corner. It used to be where that little stove is. This freed up a lot of floor space. I also put down those lovely mats. I have a wood floor, but it is pretty ugly, splintery, and paint spattered. So, I found these mats at Duane Reade a couple weeks ago for $3. I think you're supposed to take them to the beach. But I use them to cover my ugly floor.

Please excuse my dirty dishes. I'm gonna take care of those right after I write this post! Anyway, this is the new home of my fridge and microwave. It's kinda nice having it there. It makes a little counter space next to the sink. Also, the fan is new. I found it on the street and it's in perfect condition! (I also snagged a paper shreder and a beach chair. People throw away great stuff!) Anyway, it is currently cooling my room as I have no air conditioner.

I actually hung the memo board a few weeks ago. The shelf has been there since I moved in, but it used to have some of my lesser used food products on it. Now it has become a decorative shelf and looks much nicer! (I bet some my blog readers can find themselves in this picture).

This is my "pantry" if you will. I have kept food on this shelf for quite a while, but Marylin gave me the spice rack. The stuff in there is mostly stuff that used to be on that now-decorative shelf in the previous picture. It makes way more sense to have it in this little spice rack!

Ok, so there you have it. My affordable little room improvements. I'm still hoping to find some kind of little love seat or futon to squeeze in here somewhere. But I'll settle for this for now.

On an unrelated note, my birthday is coming up on July 19! I'm excited because I'm actually going to try to have a party this year. We're getting together at Soldier McGee's on Friday, July 18. I can't have the party on the night of my birthday because of rehearsal, but I'm just as happy to have it on the 18th. We'll be able to ring in the later half of my 20's at midnight! If you happen to be in New York, please come by!

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