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When I got this job with Theatreworks, I decided that I would buy myself a little something that I had been wanting as a gift to myself for getting some steady employment...and working my butt off. I was thinking about finally buying a Wii, but instead I settled on a iPhone! It was a good choice. Especially for my job right now. It is already making my life SO much easier. I can pull up maps when we get confused with directions. I can make notes to myself without needing a paper and pencil. I can check and reply to email all day long. And, most importantly, I can watch YouTube on all those long car rides. Yeah, it is as amazing as it looks in the commercials.


Of course, today when I left the phone in the dressing room for a minute and went out to the theatre lobby, Alli promptly took several pictures of herself and set this little gem as my phone's desktop:

So, when I checked my phone part way through the show, I was greeted with that beautiful face. I think it's a keeper.


Life's Little Unpleasantries

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We drove back to New York from Delaware this evening and it took us about two hours to get from point A to point B on this map:

According to Google Maps, this last leg of our trip home should take about 15 min. Not so at 5:30pm on a Friday night. I was just reminded why I don't own a car. Who wants that kind of commute!? New Jersey Transit, I have new found appreciation for you.

In other not-so-pleasant news, my arms are totally covered in bug bites. I think I slept with some kind of biting insects at the Red Roof Inn last night. I just hope I didn't bring any home with me.

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Home...For a Few Hours

8:57 AM, Monday, February 18, 2008 / Posted by Christy / comments (1)

Just wanted to say I'm finally HOME!!! I'm pretty excited to be back in New York, even though it's only for a day. It's crazy how much of your identity gets taken away when you're living out of a suitcase.



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What is it about Valentine's Day? It's such a weird holiday. Some people like it, some people REALLY don't. Well, first of all, let's squelch the myth that it is a "Hallmark" holiday. Legend has it that Valentine was a priest who refused to follow the Roman law ordering that young men remain single. The Emperor supposedly did this to grow his army, believing that married men did not make for good soldiers. The priest Valentine, however, secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men and women. When Claudius found out about this, he had Valentine executed. So, Valentine was a martyr for love.

Ok, now that we all know the history, let's look at why people hate this holiday so much now. I guess it reminds single people that they are single. But I've always thought of the day the same way I did when I was in elementary school. It's a day to show people you love them. When I was younger I usually got a card from my mom on Valentine's Day. And of course, we had the parties at school where everyone made a mailbox out of a shoe box and then you walked around the room giving everyone in your class a Valentine with some kind of cartoon or joke on it. And what's wrong with that? It's nice to get cards and candy. I don't need to have a special someone in my life to enjoy Valentine's Day. I have actually never in my adult life had a date on Valentine's Day. But I don't dread it.

Now, here's the flip side of this chocolate coin. Sometimes even if you have a special someone to share Valentine's with, you are still very disappointed. Either the guy forgets or he doesn't meet your standards in some way. Girls can be very high maintenance on these kinds of occasions. And what if he doesn't bring you flowers? What if he doesn't buy you a gift? What if he doesn't dress nice enough or take you to a nice enough place? I have to say that none of these fears have ever really entered my mind. Because whether you have a date or you don't, Valentine's Day is simply a day to tell people you love that you love them. That's all. Make a big deal if you want, but I think it's more fun to get Laffy Taffy Valentines.


The Mogul Monster

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So, this a little late, but a little while ago (I'm not sure how long ago...all the days run together) my friend Genny and I went skiing at Cascade Mountain here in Wisconsin. We had a couple days off, and my dad, who does their website, hooked it all up for us. It was really fun, but I came home a little sore. The black diamonds there were harder than I thought they would be!

Genny has uploaded a lovely little video of our skiing adventures. Warning to you kiddos, there is some PG-13 language in this video. We'll blame that on the fact the Genny is from the Bronx. And it came out a little dark when we uploaded for some reason. But you get the idea.

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Snow Day!

9:39 AM, Wednesday, February 6, 2008 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

So, we got our van back in one piece. Hopefully it won't break down on us again. We are now in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin. I haven't seen the ground in weeks because of all the snow. Alli and I actually had to go get some winter boots at the mall in Green Bay. Neither of us brought them on tour. I actually only have rain boots anyway. The up side to all this snow is that today, both our shows were canceled! It's like being in school again. Don't you miss snow days?

Last night Genny, Alli and I went out exploring the town (we're currently in Madison) and found a cool bar called The Plaza near the capitol building with some crazy drink specials ($2.50 for all rum!). I think we might hit up that place again tonight. We also went to a movie. We saw I'm Not There, the movie that is supposedly based on Bob Dylan's many personalities. I have to honestly admit that I did NOT get it. Maybe I needed to know more about Bob Dylan. But it was just really confusing. But the actors' performances were good. Cate Blanchett was amazing. And a young boy named Marcus Carl Franklin was also a stand-out. But I don't know that I can recommend the movie. Maybe if you REALLY love Bob Dylan.

I'm constantly adding photos to flickr, so check it out if you haven't for a while. This whole trip is going to be photo-documented!

UPDATE! Here's some pictures of Alli, Genny and me searching for food in the frozen wasteland that is Madison, Wisconsin.

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