Evolution and Chocolate

8:31 PM, Thursday, April 17, 2008 / Posted by Christy /

Could I BE more excited about this movie?

I am of the opinion that God and science can coexist, and I am so happy that someone as sardonic and intelligent as Ben Stein has taken on this issue. I'm looking forward to hearing about this age-old debate from a very different perspective.

Moving on to a less controversial topic, I just got back from Hershey, PA, chocolate capitol of the world! It's the first cool place we've been on tour for a while, and we tried to make the most of our 24 hours there. Last night the girls and I went outlet shopping, America's past time. We hit up Bath and Body Works, PacSun, and Aeropostale, where I got some great summer tops:

After the shopping extravaganza, we went to a restaurant I hadn't heard of before called Houlihans, and I think I'm in love. They had liter pitchers of flavored Long Island ice teas for $5.50. Now that's getting your money's worth.

Today after our show we went to Hershey's Chocolate World for lunch, which was pretty fun. We didn't have time to take any tours or anything, but I did get a really big chocolate cupcake for dessert.

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