The Tour!

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You asked for it, so here it is, my entire tour schedule. I've bolded the dates when I'll be near people I know. I've also bolded "local dates" which are shows in and around New York City, so I'll stay at my apartment at night. Anyway, here it is:

January 13 Travel Day-Spending the night in Zanesville, OH

January 15-22 Florissant, MO-Florissant Civic Center
January 23 Evansville, IN-Victory Theatre
January 25 Aurora, IL-Paramount Arts Center
January 27-29 Elgin, IL-Hemmens Cultural Center
January 30 Bloomington, IL-Bloomington Cultural District
January 31 Cedar Rapids, IA-Paramount Theater

February 1 Galesburg, IL-Orpheum Theatre
February 3-4 Green Bay, WI-Weidner Center
February 5-7 Madison, WI-Capitol Theater
February 8 Joliet, IL-Rialto Square Theatre
February 9-12 Whitewater, WI-University of Wisconsin, Young Auditorium
February 13 Hartford, WI-Shauer Arts Center
February 14 Plano, IL-Centennial School
February 16 Ann Arbor, MI-Michigan Theatre
February 20-21 Wilminton, DE-DuPont Theatre
February 23 New York, NY-The Calhoun School
February 26-27 Staten Island, NY-Snug Harbor
February 28-29 Manasquan, NJ-Algonquin Arts Theatre

March 1 Albany, NY-Lewis A. Swyer Theatre
March 3 Concord, MA-The Willard School
March 6-7 Hanover, NH-Dartmouth College
March 9 Storrs, CT-University of Connecticut at Storrs
March 10 Westfield, NJ-McKinley Elementary
March 12-13 Frostburg, MD-Performing Arts Center
March 14 Walkersville, MD-Walkersville Elementary
March 16-17 Raleigh, NC-North Carolina State University
March 19 Charlottesville, VA-Martin Luther King Jr. School
March 24 Burlington, VT-Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
March 26 Morristown, NJ-Community Theatre
March 27 Mamarneck, NY-Emelin Theatre
March 28 Syosset, NY-Berry Hill Elementary
March 29 Harrisburg, PA-Harrisburg Area Community Theatre
March 31 Greendell, NJ-Green Hills School

April 1 Paterson, NJ-Passaic County Community Theatre
April 2 Trenton, NJ-Patriots Theatre
April 3 Paterson, NJ-
Passaic County Community Theatre
April 4 Brooklyn, NY-Klitgord Audiorium
April 6-7 University Park, PA-Pennsylvania State
April 8 Harrisburg, PA-The Forum
April 9 Milford, DE-Milford High School
April 10-11 Hempstead, NY-Adams Playhouse
April 14 Somers, NY-Somers Intermediate School
April 15 Red Bank, NJ-Count Basie Theatre
April 16 Newark, NJ-Symphony Hall
April 17 Hershey, PA-Hershey Elementary
April 18 Tarrytown, NY-Tarrytown Music Hall
April 19
Mamarneck, NY-Emelin Theatre
April 22 Monmouth Beach, NJ-Monmouth Beach Elementary School
April 23 Ellenville, NY-Shadowland Theatre
April 25 Brookville, PA-Pine Creek School
April 28 Corona, NY-PS 143
April 29 Flushing, NY-Kupferberg Center for Performing Arts
April 30 New York, NY-Town Hall Theatre

May 1 Englewood, NJ-Bergen Performing Arts Center
May 2 Valhalla, NY-Virginia Road Elementary
May 5 Turner Falls, MA-Shea Theatre
May 6 Boston, MA-Berklee Performance Center
May 7 New Haven, CT-Lyman Center
May 8 West Hartford, CT-Lincoln Theater
May 9 Montclair, NJ-Memorial Auditorium
May 12 Washington, DC-Lisner Auditorium
May 13 Fairfax, VA-Center for the Arts
May 14 Towson, MD-Kraushaar Auditorium
May 16 Frederick, MD-Weinberg Center for the Arts
May 19 Scranton, PA-Scranton Cultural Center
May 20 Bronx, NY-Lehman Center for the Performing Arts
May 21 Poughkeepsie, NY-Mid-Hudson Civic Center
May 22 Pittsfield, MA-Colonial Theatre Association
May 27 Monroe, NY-Pine Tree Elementary
May 28 Randolph, NJ-Ironia Elementary School
May 29 Camp Hill, PA-West Creek Hill Elementary
May 30 Scarsdale, NY-Heathcote School

June 2 Chappaqua, NY-West Orchard School
June 3 Chappaqua, NY-Roaring Brook School
June 4 Wrightstown, NJ-North Hanover Upper Elementary
June 5 Otisville, NY-Otisville Elementary School
June 6 Locust Valley, NY-Locust Valley School
June 9 Suffern, NY-Viola Elementary
June 11 Brooklyn, NY-PS 109K
June 16 Fairbanks, AK-Carlson Center
June 19-20 Archorage, AK-Atwood Concert Hall


Christmas All Over Again

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It's Christmas! Which means it's time for my annual Christmas post. It was a good year, as always. I really enjoyed spending more time with my family this year. Last year I had to make a really quick trip due to rehearsal schedules. Anyway, now it's time to break down the list of what I got this year!

From Mom and Dad:
Little Miss Sunshine
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Two pairs of comfy shoes
An electric blanket
Sensual Amber body wash, shower gel, and lotion from Bath and Body Works
Nouveaux CD

From Adam:
Chop Wizard
Little Women on DVD

From Bo:
Swarovski crystal earrings
A little jewelry box
His Dark Materials trilogy all in one volume!

From Carolyn and Justin:
A big bottle of Framboise! (because they read my blog :-)
Globe ornament
Williams Sonoma hot chocolate

From Sara (in the family gift exchange):
Waterpik Shower head
Choxie chocolates

From Grandma and Grandpa:
Money (which will most likely go towards the purchase of a Wii)

In the stocking:
A T-shirt
Hand lotion
Candy including a chocolate ballerina

I think that's it. Good stuff! Tomorrow I'm jumping on a plane back to New York. Along with the cat (Lord, help us). Rehearsals for Junie B. Jones start right away. It's gonna be a very Junie New Year. I promise I'll post the tour schedule soon!

P.S. I'm posting Christmas pics to Flickr, so have a look!


The Hap Happiest Season

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So, in case you were in suspense, I took the Junie B. Jones job. At first I still felt a little unsettled about my decision because of all those cons I mentioned in the previous post. But I've been settling in to the idea the last few days and am actually starting to feel pretty excited about it. Many of you have asked when I might be coming to a city near you. I don't have a full schedule yet, but hopefully will have one after Monday, so I'll post something here as soon as I know.

I'm excited about coming home for Christmas. Even though my trip is going to be cut a little short because of Junie B. Jones rehearsals. This year Tangent will be accompanying me. This will be his first flight and I'm not sure how he'll do. He loves the car, but in the car he's allowed to climb all over the place and look out the window and everything. He's going with me in the cabin, but he still has to stay in his carrier the whole time. I just bought a nice new airline-ready carrier for him and I'm trying to get him used to it. He likes it when it's open.


I haven't tried actually carrying him anywhere in it yet. I'm not sure how he'll like that. I guess we'll find out.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Bo and I are going to have an all-day Christmas date. We're going to church in the morning, then to the American Museum of Natural History because Bo got free passes through his job. I'm really excited about the Mythic Creatures and Water exhibits. Then we're going to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree because I've never seen it all lit up...although several weeks ago I was there the day before the lighting, so I saw the tree, just not lit up at night. Anyway, then we're going to one of our new favorite places, Roberto Passon. And to cap it off, we're going to Cafe Lalo. Ah, doesn't it sound fun!?

Has anyone heard of Framboise? I discovered it about a year ago at a bar called HK. My friend Brandon introduced it to me to it. It's a Belgian beer that's fermented with raspberries. I don't even like beer, but I love this stuff. Anyway, it's rare to find at a bar, but last night we were at House of Brews and I saw the bartender opening the distinctive bottle. I was so excited to find it at another bar! Mmmmmm. And it's so festive looking too.

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Maybe Far Away

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It looks like I may finally have gotten another stage management job. It's a national tour of Junie B. Jones Live. Yesterday I was almost positive I wasn't going to take this job. Today I'm almost positive that I will. It's a tough decision. Here's the run down of pros and cons:

-I would be leaving my comfortable apartment here in New York to live out of a suitcase.
-I have to figure out something to do with Tangent, my cat.
-This is not the kind of job I will be able to coast through. I'll basically be in charge of EVERYTHING on the road from planning travel to booking hotels to loading up trucks in addition to my normal SM duties.
-The first day of rehearsal in New York is December 26th. Not only does that cut into my Christmas plans, but it means I have to change my plane ticket, which will cost me.
-I won't get to see my boyfriend for months at a time. (Sad but true.)

Ok, now let's move on to the PROS!
-The contract runs from December to June. That is a lot of weeks of employment and a steady paycheck.
-I will work enough to be eligible for a whole year of very cheap health insurance.
-It's tour experience, which I don't have on my resume yet.
-There are several blocks of time that we will be doing "local" tour dates in and around New York City, so I'll get to sleep in my own bed and see my friends and my cat.
-The tour may take a break the week of April 20th. Perfect timing because that is the day Bo's and my friends James and Natalie are getting married in Seattle. I might still get to go!

So, yeah, I didn't have all the information yesterday, but I met with the production manager today when he offered me the job and I got a lot more details and it just seems like taking the job would be the smart thing to do. And who knows, it might be fun!

If I do end up taking this job, it will certainly help ease the strain on my wallet this holiday shopping season. And help me enjoy it a little more. It is so true that New York is at it's best between Thanksgiving and New Year's. It's immaculately decorated everywhere you go, all the street musicians switch to playing Christmas carols (the other day there was a full mariachi band playing Feliz Navidad in the subway car I was riding), and people are more friendly and cheerful in general. Or maybe it's just me who's more cheerful. Oh well. The effect is the same. I love Christmastime!

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