It Was A Graveyard Smash

5:13 PM, Monday, October 29, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

It's almost Halloween! Surprisingly, I'm pretty excited about Halloween. I mean, Halloween was always REALLY fun until I was about 12. But once you're too old to trick-or-treat, it just becomes stress over what I'm going to do and what costume I'm going to wear. I think the best costume I've had as an adult was my sophomore year of college I dressed up with a group and we were the four kids from Scooby-Doo. I was Daphne, and I think it's probably the best looking home made costume I've ever done. I'd post a picture, but that was before the days of my digital camera...anyway. This year I'm going to be a fairy princess, which is what I was in 1st grade. But it's alright to repeat costumes after 18 years, I think. But I'm sure my costume won't be as elaborate as the one I wore when I was 7. I was looking for something that wouldn't be too cumbersome on the subway. I'll be sure to get some pictures. I think we're going to a bar that we went to the other's new and I forget the name of it. But anyway, we saw a flyer that they're having a Halloween party, and what's better than a party that you don't have to plan yourself?

Oh, so baseball season is officially over, which is a bummer. I'm happy that the Red Sox won though, because for a Yankees fan (which I'm not), the only thing worse than the Mets winning the World Series is the Red Sox winning the World Series. And in my head, that's still a small victory for me.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of me in costume! I seem to have someone (someone being my friend Bruce) hanging on my wings. See more photos by clicking my flikr badge to the right.

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Fall Into Fall...Let's Hope It's a Soft Landing

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A Good Farmer has come to an end. I really had a lot of fun doing this show. I would really love to hang out with everyone again, but, unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. I could count on one hand the number of people I've done a show with that I still hang out with once the show is over. But Bo and I have vowed to at least hang out with Sharon, a cast member, and her husband Stu. We got along with them really well, so hopefully we will keep up a friendship with them. I also hope I can hang out with my ASM Jimmy again...or perhaps even work together again. We just got along really well, and found ourselves particularly hilarious whenever we were around each other.

Stu and Sharon


It's seeming more like fall these days, and I'm enjoying the weather. If it doesn't get any colder, I'll be happy. But more than just the weather, I love seeing the pumpkins piled up outside the produce stores, the fund-raiser apple sales, pumpkin spice lattes and caramel apple cider at Starbucks. I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving. It's definitely one of my favorite holidays. As of last year, I have a new part of my family to spend Thanksgiving with. I used to spend the day with my Dad's side of the family in Illinois. Now I go to New Jersey to see my aunt and cousins there. I just really look forward to turkey and potatoes and pumpkin pie. As long as all those things are present, I'm happy wherever I end up.

I put in a few hours of work for the Public Theatre today, the same theatre that puts on the wildly popular Shakespeare In the Park productions every summer. I just helped load supplies into the rehearsal room and various other pre-rehearsal tasks for their up coming show, Yellow Face. It was only one day of work, but I'm hoping it's enough to get my foot in the door with this theatre. I'd love to work with them again...for more than one day.

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Backstreet's Back

4:23 PM, Tuesday, October 16, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (1)

There's really not much going on in my life right now that I feel is blog worthy, so to keep you occupied while I try to think of something to write, please enjoy this dancing cockatoo. He has amazing rhythm.

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My Man...It Sounds Possessive...and I LIKE it!

12:00 AM, Monday, October 8, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (1)

This is just a little fluff and filler...because I saw this on my friend Kate's blog and thought it would be fun.

1. Who is your man? Bo Hallowes

2. How long have you been together? 4 months and 3 weeks.

3. How long dated? Um…how long we’ve dated is the same as how long we’ve been together.

4. How old is your man? 40. 15 years older than me.

5. Who eats more? He does. Often he eats too much and makes himself sick. But I'm trying to break him of that.

6. Who said "I love you" first? Me.

7. Who is taller? Him.

8. Who sings better? We’re probably about equal. We can both sing pretty well, although neither one of us are totally amazing vocalists.

9. Who is smarter? He would say I am. But I think it depends on the topic. I’m definitely smarter with computers and technology. And I probably have a little more common sense, although I think that’s kind of a girl thing. But he's well read and knows more Shakespeare than I do...and he probably knows more about what happened between 1967 and 1982.

10. Whose temper is worse? Temper makes me think of getting out of control, so I don’t think either of us has a really bad temper. But we’re pretty equally matched when we get angry in terms of how much we yell.

11. Who does the laundry? We do our own laundry. Well, actually, he does his own. I have mine done at the wash and fold down the street.

12. Who is better with the computer? Me. Totally me. Poor Bo still has dial-up internet, and if it weren’t for me, still wouldn’t know how to work his iPod.

13. Who mows the lawn? There are no lawns in New York!

14. Who cooks dinner? Neither one of us. We eat out more than we eat at home. I sometimes cook for myself at home. But we have never eaten a home cooked meal together.

15. Who drives when you are together? Neither of us own a car. If we were in a situation where we were driving somewhere, I’d probably let him drive. I like to be in charge of the map while someone else drives.

16. Who pays when you go out? He does most of the time. Every now and then I pay for myself. I have occasionally paid for both of us, but he’s pretty traditional in that he likes to pay when he can.

17. Who is most stubborn? He is. I chalk it up to him being older and stuck in his ways. But actually, it’s not really a problem. He’s not that stubborn.

18. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Me. I always like to resolve arguments immediately, so I’ll say sorry pretty quickly. He usually needs more time to process what has happened before he says he’s sorry. But he’s still good at apologizing when he gets around to it.

19. Whose parents do you see the most? We've seen my aunt and cousins in New Jersey more than anyone's parents. Well, I’ve never met his parents. They both live in Florida (although, they’re not together). He met my dad briefly when we were first dating, but he’s never met my mom. I’m sure we would have met each other’s parents by now if they lived in the same place we do. Hopefully the introductions will happen within the next year.

20. Who kissed who first? I don’t remember. I think it was a mutual decision.

21. Who asked who out? Bo asked me out, if you can call it that. It was after the show we were both working on one night, and he invited me to go hang out with him and his friends at a bar in midtown. But he said he couldn’t get ahold of them, so he wasn’t sure if they were still there. His story to get me to come was that if they weren’t at the bar anymore, he still needed someone to have a drink with. I pretty much knew that he was interested in me, but I was a little nervous about going. If his friends were there, I would be hanging out with all these people I didn’t know. If they weren’t there, it would just be the two of us. Would we have anything to talk about? As it turned out, his friends were just leaving as we got there, and that turned out for the best. We really got a chance to talk and get to know each other.

22. Who is more sensitive? It depends on what you mean by sensitive. I’m more sensitive in the girly, cry at movies, get overly emotional kind of way. He’s more sensitive in the easily offended and self conscious kind of way.

23. Who has more friends? We probably have the same amount of friends, but we hang out with his friends more. My friends are pretty much scattered across the world and it’s difficult to get together with my New York friends because we all have pretty separate lives here. Most of his friends are from his catering job, so he sees them all the time and it’s easy for them to all get together. But I really like his friends and basically consider them my friends too now.

24. Who has more siblings? We each have one sibling. He has a sister, Susie. I have a younger brother, Adam.

25. Who wears the pants? I don't think either one of us can really be told what to do by the other. Consequently, neither of us try to tell the other what to do very much. When we make decisions, we're both flexible and we're good at compromising. So, I guess what I'm saying neither of us wears the pants. Or both of us do.

Ok, now I'm supposed to tag other people to do this...I suppose I tag Sarah Cooney, Tiffany Knapp...that's all.


See If You Can Follow My Train of Thought...Because I Can't

4:15 PM, Tuesday, October 2, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

Isn't it weird when you find out about your old friends having babies? It's just crazy. I can't imagine having a baby right now. I can barely take care of myself. I'm not even a good mom to my cat. Maybe if I was married, I'd feel differently, but I don't know. I'm enjoying being a little carefree in my 20s. I don't really want a kid and a mortgage. Not yet.

The other day I was standing on the subway platform waiting for the 1 train to take me downtown. I was leaning against a support beam, looking down the dark tunnel waiting to see that headlight that tells me the train is on it's way. And I noticed some of the other people standing on the platform had a very strange little dance going on. There were three people staggered down the platform, who would lean to look down the tunnel, and then pace back to the wall, and then immediately turn around and walk back to the edge of the platform again, looking down the tunnel. I don't know that any of them realized how silly it looked that all three of them were doing this in unison. And I was thinking to myself, "Do they think this pacing will make the train come any quicker?" It's like those people who push the elevator button over and over again. Can't we all just learn to be patient? I try to be. But I have to admit, I get a little annoyed if there's even one person in front of me at the grocery store check-out. Why are we always in such a hurry?

I'm considering learning how to play golf. Bo has recently picked it up as a hobby. He had played in years past, but he just started playing fairly regularly again. He and his friend usually go up to Van Cortland Park in The Bronx to play. So, I thought it might be fun to learn so I could go along sometime. I think we'll go to Chelsea Piers driving range sometime soon so I can learn. But, I do already know all the lingo and theory from years of playing Mario Golf.

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