Christy's Fall Line-Up

2:38 PM, Monday, September 24, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

It's time for the 2007 edition of Christy's TV Lineup. The old favorites....the new potentials. It's all so exciting. So, here it is...what I'll be watching this fall.

Desperate Housewives. Sundays at 9 on ABC. This show has gone downhill, but I'm not quite ready to give up on it. It was SO good in its first season, but it's never really been as good since. But I do still enjoy it most of the time. And maybe this year will be the one that's as great as the first.

Heroes. Mondays at 9 on NBC. The first season was way beyond addictive. I can't wait to see what kind of complicated plots we get into in season two.

Cavemen. Tuesdays at 8 on ABC. This is the series spawned by the hilarious Geico commercials. It could be great. It could be that cavemen are only funny in 30 second increments. But I'm way to curious about this show not to watch.

Pushing Daisies. Wednesdays at 8 on ABC. This series wins for the most print advertising in NYC. There's an ad on every billboard, subway, bus shelter, and mailbox in the City. So I've decided to give it a shot. It looks really inventive. It's quite simply about a man who can resurrect the dead with his touch. The show is presented as a modern-day fairy tale, complete with British narrator.

Private Practice. Wednesdays at 9 on ABC. It's Grey's Anatomy South. Dr. McDreamy's ex-wife, Addison, has relocated to Los Angeles to join a brand new cast of gorgeous doctors with complicated love lives. When I first heard about this show, I was a little upset about this relocation of my favorite character. But I've learned to embrace this idea. It means a lot more Addison, and I can live with that.

30 Rock. Thursdays at 8:30 on NBC. The newly crowned "best comedy" is back. I'm so happy it's been moved to 8:30 because last year it was on opposite Grey's Anatomy, so I couldn't watch it regularly. But I LOVE Tina Fey and I think this show is hilarious. I'm looking forward to being a loyal viewer this season.

Grey's Anatomy. Thursdays at 9 on ABC. Best show on television. Period. That's really all I can say.

There you have it. My fall TV line-up. Feel free to leave me a comment with YOUR picks for this season!

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A Tour of New York, and How Not to Look Like an Idiot While Touring It

3:51 PM, Friday, September 21, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (2)

I've been having a lot of fun with the cast of A Good Farmer. It's a really fun group of people, and they like to go out and be social. Comradery is one of my favorite parts of theatre, so it's always disappointing when casts aren't very fun or social. This is not one of those casts. And it's also been really fun to go to some new places and explore unfamiliar neighborhoods. Most shows rehearse in midtown Manhattan, which is where I spend about 75 percent of my life, so I get a little tired of the area and going to the same places all the time. But this show rehearsed in Chelsea, and we ended up trying out a great little wine bar in the area called Metro Cafe. They have these things called "Flights" of four little glasses of wine, so you can try different kinds. And it's a less expensive way to try some pretty expensive wines. So, I chose the "Down Under" flight which consisted of four white wines from New Zealand. Very tasty. Now we are in tech, so we've moved into the theatre, which is in the Meat Packing District. It's the cutest neighborhood ever, and there are so many crazy places to hang out. Last night we went to this really kitschy place called Tortilla Flats that's decorated with a light-up Santa Claus and an excess of mylar streamers, and has regular bingo night and hula hoop competitions. I think we're going to become regulars.

And I just have quick piece of advice this week. If you ever come to New York for a visit, I'm just letting you know now, it is not cool to not hold onto something in the subway. It seems like tourists think that all cool New Yorkers must have cat-like balance, and so the tourists think they'll try to be cool too by free standing on a train moving 55 mph. Friends, this is not only very un-cool, it is very stupid. Basically, you'll end up taking a spectacular fall, probably onto a fellow passenger. And it's not cool to spend your New York vacation with a concussion.

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6:25 PM, Saturday, September 8, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (0)

A few weeks ago I met Bo and a few other friends at one of our favorite bar/restaurants, Joshua Tree. I came to meet him straight from rehearsal, so he asked me how it went. I told him it was fine except for the fact that one of our actors, PJ, just booked a film shooting in Egypt, so naturally, he would be leaving our little show. Bo's immediate response to this news was, "What's the part? Am I right for it?" After a moment of consideration, I figured he probably could be right for the part, so I said I'd check and see if he could audition. Bo sent in his headshot and resume to our casting director...and he was asked to come in to audition. This is when I started to get nervous. I really wanted him to get the part...but what if he didn't? Would he be upset? Would he not want to hear about rehearsal anymore? Would it be awkward for him to come see the show? Probably not. But I was still nervous. Well, as it turned out, I didn't need to worry, because he got the part! So, now this is the second show Bo and I get to work on together (the first was Memory of Water...where we met). It's great to be on the same schedule. Especially after the US Open. Bo had to work out there with his catering job every day of the tournament for about 12 hours a day.

Lately I've been thinking about taking a trip to Napa, California. Of course, this is a total fantasy because I have neither the time, nor the funds to take any vacations any time soon. But I've never been to the north west, and it just sounds like fun...road trips up the coast line, wine tastings, vineyard tours. Sounds like a good time to me!

Speaking of taking trips, I did take a little day trip this past a farm! About 13 of us from the cast and crew of A Good Farmer (minus Bo...he was still working the Open) drove WAY out on Long Island to the Garden of Eve organic vegetable farm, where we got a first hand experience of what it's like to be a farmer. We picked green beans, weeded lettuce, collected eggs, pet the goats, and hoed sweet potatoes. It was a lot of fun. I got to know everyone really well and it's always fun to take a trip out of the city.

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The Magical Underground Train

7:19 PM, Saturday, September 1, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (1)

It's really just the first part of this clip that's relevant:

I really like the subway. Yes, sometimes you have to wait for a long time for a train to come. Yes, in the summer it's hotter than hell on the platform. Yes, sometimes you switch from a local to an express train, but the express train runs so slow that the local beats you anyway. But the benefits far outweigh these minor inconveniences. I love being able to do something else on my a my gameboy...stare into nothingness. I love that I don't really have to go figure out how to get someplace. I just have to know which train will take me there. I love that I'm being nice to the environment without really trying. I REALLY love that I don't have to worry about the price of gas. But, really, the reason I love the subway is because of the direct contact with my fellow New Yorkers. People from all areas of the city, and from all walks of life ride the subway. Businessmen on their way to work, teenagers going to a movie, mothers with babies, young couples back from a day of Ikea shopping. The other day I was sitting across from an elderly Chinese man who must have had about 100 rubber bands around is wrist, a few laced around his fingers. He wore a bright, multi-colored polo shirt and socks emblazoned with "USA" in patriotic colors. And I was totally entertained on my way to work, just by looking at this man, and wondering what he was going to do with all those rubber bands.

My apartment building seems to be emptying. I guess summer is usually the time of change for people who are moving. A woman who lived on the third floor moved out recently, although I never really saw her much. A girl from Germany who lived on the 4th floor returned to her home country. And just yesterday, my neighbor, Marylin moved out, and she's headed to Spain to live with her fiance there. She met him on a bus when he was here visiting New York. At the end of his week-long stay, they were engaged. He's been back to visit her once since then, but they have basically only spent about 2 weeks total in the same country. I've already told her all the practical things...he might just want a green card...he might want her money...he might be...anything! She barely knows him! But she's promised she's not going there to marry him right away. Oh, well. It's her life. Anyway, now there are three empty apartments in my building not counting the one that has been empty since I moved in almost a year and a half ago. So, if anyone needs a place in New York, let me know! I'm pretty sure I live in the cheapest building in Manhattan.

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