A DE-luxe Apartment in the Sky

8:31 PM, Monday, June 25, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (1)

I'm trying to stop thinking of my life as boring and start thinking of it as relaxing. I mean, it's not like I never do anything. I go to work a few days a week. I go out with my friends a few days a week. But that does still leave a lot of unoccupied hours. Oh well. I like my apartment. I like my cat. So, I guess it's ok to be home a lot. I'm just really looking forward to Bo coming back to New York. Right now he's in Montana directing a play called Greater Tuna there, and he gets back to the city on July 5th. I guess I would be more glad of this free time if he was around. Right now it just feels like a waste, because I don't have much else to be doing.

I did have a little fun recently when I went to my friend Victoria's PENTHOUSE! Yes, she lives in a penthouse in Battery Park (the southern most part of Manhattan). You may wonder why my friend Victoria, the New York actress, is so well off. Well, her husband, Jeff Rovin, is a ghost writer for Tom Clancy. Anyway, we had some homemade pizza and watched Dreamgirls (in high definition Blu-ray, of course). I think one of my favorite things to do in New York is go to other people's apartments. It's so interesting to see how people live in this city. People often do a lot with a little, even in the very expensive apartments, like the one I was just in. The apartment itself wasn't huge. Nice, but not huge. But the VIEW is amazing:



There's so much more to apartments in this city than their size. There's location (Battery Park is not too shabby), view (river? park? skyline? all three??), terrace, roof access, the building as a whole. And the fact that many apartments are over 100 years old (like mine) and some extremely modern makes for a lot of different styles. Nope, no cookie cutter living spaces in New York.


New Season, New Blog

5:33 PM, Thursday, June 21, 2007 / Posted by Christy / comments (3)

On this first day of summer, I am reminded of not only the changing seasons of nature, but the changing seasons of my life. And so, I think it is high time for a new blog. Xanga, you've been great, but I believe this is a change for the better. There are several reasons why I decided to make the switch to blogspot:

1. COMMENTS! You no longer have to be a xanga user...or an anything user...to comment on my blog. Anyone can comment without having to sign up for a thing. So, that means I'll be expecting lots of comments!

2. Links to my favorite people. The links to the right are to ALL my favorite blogs. I can link to anyone's blog. No more exclusive "xanga only" blog links.

3. It looks pretty. There are much better templates for blogspot, and since I'm html challenged, I'm grateful.

So, friends. Let us not weep over my departure from xanga, but rejoice and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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Summertime and the Livin is...Boring

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Guess what's coming up in about a month? My birthday! I'm going to be 25. The big quarter century. The downside of 50. Yikes, sounds old. Every year I keep thinking, "Ok, this is the age when people will stop thinking I'm a baby and start taking me seriously." But I'm starting to think that won't happen until I turn 35. That's cool, I guess. I'll just keep using my 20s as an excuse to run around and have fun. But anyway, I do have a list of cool things I want for my birthday, if anyone's interested!

So, I've been kinda bored lately, and when I'm bored I watch Dr. Phil. Today's episode is totally crazy. Dr. Phil has basically made his own little reality show with a house full of people who hate each other. There's a fat guy who hates skinny people, a skinny girl who hates fat people, a white supremacist, an older black woman, a lesbian, a homophobe...now this is good television. These people are totally extreme, but watching the show kind of makes you look at your own prejudices. Muy interesante.

I don't really like cheap dark chocolate (i.e. Hershey's Special Dark), but I love those dark chocolate M&Ms. They're just like really rich M&Ms...which is good because it means I can't eat too many of them.

I think that's enough random thoughts for now.